Below you will find all the different ceremonies typically performed for the full traditional Cambodian “Khmer” wedding day experience. Please be sure to check out our videography, as well as the blog for our most recent work!

Pithi Hae Chamnoun (“Parade”) Ceremony:

The groom escorted by his Best Men, parents and his relatives arrive at the bride’s house. The groom with Best Men, parents and relatives wait outside the bride’s house until she comes out The groom offers the wedding flowers to the bride and together enter the house.

Khmer traditional singer sings the song (Fruit song)
Offering the fruit to the bride’s parent after the bride changed her dress while the groom and Best Men relax and wait for the Pithi Exchange Ring

Pithi Kat Sok (Haircutting) Ceremony: 

The parents and the respected guests perform “Pithi Kat Sok”(haircutting). The Bride and Groom sit next to each other while the bridesmaids and the best men sit beside them. On the table are the wedding gifts that the groom brought for the brides parents.
Two singers dance around the bride and the groom and pretend to cut hair from them. The cut hair is placed into the Khang Thong (the golden bowl). Later this cut hair is discarded as this is believed to get rid of the unhapiness from their lives. All the rest of the falmily and friends and do the same.

Pithi Bangvil Popil (Candle Turn) Ceremony: 

In this ceremony, currently married couples are asked to gather in a circle around the bride and groom. Three candles are lit and handed from person to person. Each participant passes his or her right hand over it in a sweeping motion towards the couple, sending or throwing a silent blessing to them. Only married couples are asked to participate, as it is believed that they will pass along the special quality or essence which has preserved their union. The candles are passed around the circle clockwise seven times to complete the ceremony.

Pithi Jong Dai (Knot Tying) Ceremony: 

The Knot Tying Ceremony is a ceremony that is reserved for the most important members of the family. Both sides of the family present bride and groom with their blessing and as well as money, gold and jewelry.

Pithi Preah Thoung Toung Sbay Neang Neak: 

The groom hold the bride’s Sbay(Scarf) and follows her to enter the room.

Pithi Sen (Pray) Ceremony:

The groom wait for the bride to come out of the room for the next ceremony, Pithi Sen. The Moha start to play the KMOUS to ask for the bride to come out from her room and to sit close to the groom for Pithi Sen. Singer sing the song Beak Veang Noun.

End of ceremony.

Reception Greeting

The reception is for guests that were unable to attend the ceremonies that were reserved for immediate family. It is Cambodian tradition to acknowledge your guests as they enter the reception. The new couple greet their guests at the door dressed in royal Khmer outfits. Sometimes we have a photo booth set up by the front door just for this tradition.

Table Greeting

Another greeting ceremony, but this one is a little different. By walking from table to table the newlyweds have an opportunity to personally thank their guests for attending their wedding. It is also for the guests to officially acknowledge the new couple as husband and wife. Guests often give gifts and sometimes games are played. The games usually involve money, but the point is to help the new couple open up. This is all to help the guests get to know the newlyweds as a married couple.

Western Ceremonies

In addition to traditional Cambodian weddings, we are also very familiar with traditional Western ceremonies. We offer a two day package that covers all Cambodian Ceremonies listed above and Western Ceremonies like the First Look, I Do’s, Cake Cutting and the bouquet and garter toss.
We also offer a more budget friendly option that packs everything into a single day.